If stray dogs attack people, those who feed them could be held liable, says Supreme Court [9.9.2022]

Friday, 9.9.2022, New Delhi, Supreme Court :

The Supreme Court on Friday suggested people who routinely feed stray dogs could be made responsible for their vaccination and also liable to bear the costs if those animals attack people, while emphasising on a need to find a solution to the stray dogs` menace.

The top court said a balance has to be maintained between the safety of people and animal rights. A bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and JK Maheshwari, said "some solution has to be found."

"Most of us are dog lovers. I also feed dogs. Something came to my mind. Let people take care (of dogs) if they want but they have to be marked, not tracked through the chip, I'm not in favour of that," Justice Khanna observed.

The apex court said a rational solution must be found to address the stray dog issue and posted the matter for hearing on September 28 and asked the parties to file replies in the matter.

11 Sep 2022